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Dura Lex, Sed Lex (the law is hard, but it is the law): this is the motto which inspired the brand Duralex. The brand is well established and brings back many happy memories for everyone. The most notable feature of the Duralex glasses is the hardened glass out of which the glasses are made. This material makes the products extramely durable. The first commercialized model is the Gigogne line, which was first introduced in 1946. Within a matter of decades the glasses appeared in the cafés of the Musée de Arts Décoratifs in Paris and the MoMa New York. The Picardie line is usually described as “a typical French glass” and has become equally prominent as a corner stone of French design as the Basque baret and the “Marinière” the French striped fabric. The glasses have been populair since right after the Second World War and even made a recent appearance in the James Bond film Skyfall. In the end, the main objective of Duralex is to introduce glassware design into the daily life, as opposed to glass as an object of art. The glasses have a contemporary design, hence they fit in all table settings.

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